Meditation Classes For Kids


What you’ll learn in Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Science of breath
  • Preparatory exercises for beginners
  • 3-step approach to breath-mindfulness
  • Overcoming typical problems during meditation
  • Four milestones in breath-meditation practise
  • Seven key happenings in daily life due to meditation
  • How breath-mediation provides the results

Requirements of Meditation & Mindfulness

  • You should be a school-going-child between 4 to 17 years
  • This course is for beginners who has no exposure to meditation
  • Willing to improve on the following: –



Typical Class Structure of Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Initial Instruction 10 mins
  • Guided Meditation with Music 35 mins
  • Topic Talk 15 mins
  • Q and A Time 15 Mins
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Meditation & Mindfulness is a step-by-step mind training for well-being & success. Its  the art, science and practice of breath-mindfulness meditation. It is based on Buddhist tradition known as Anapanasati. It is to feel the sensations caused by the movements of the breath in the body as is practiced in the context of mindfulness meditation. Anapanasati is a core meditation practice in Theravada, Tiantai and Chan traditions of Buddhism as well as a part of many mindfulness programs.


What exactly is mindfulness meditation? 

Mindfulness meditation is a practice that improves mental clarity and emotional well-being by cultivating an understanding of the present moment.

What are the advantages of mindfulness?

Mindfulness decreases stress, increases focus, encourages emotional regulation, increases self-awareness, and improves general health and mental strength.

Can novices effectively meditate?

Yes, Mindfulness meditation for beginners provides simple ways to develop focus and awareness, regardless of prior experience.

How long will the class be? 

The meditation and mindfulness class will be 1.5 hours long. The class will start with 10 minutes of instruction before 35 minutes of guided meditation with music. 

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