Vikalp-Pink Tower-Montessori Toy


Inside the Box:

  • 10 blocks, having different sizes range from 1cm3 to 10cm3. These blocks are in pale pink colour. Their size increases progressively in series form, from smallest to largest block.
  • Product manual

Age Group:

  • Suitable for children above 2 years.
  • Recommended for Nursery & KG

Learning Outcome:

  • Visual and muscular perception of dimension leading to an abstract understanding of size
  • Awareness of dimension leading to intelligent observation of size in the environment
  • Coordination of movement
  • Perfection of hand movements
  • Preparation for mathematics


The Pink Tower is the iconic Montessori material. Often called the symbol of Montessori.

The Pink Tower is a scientifically designed material in the Sensorial Area of the classroom. Dr. Montessori believed that working with the Sensorial materials enables the children to refine their senses.

The Pink Tower aims to refine a child’s visual sense by discriminating differences in dimension. As a child starts taking each cube (starting from the smallest) to a mat, they can feel the weight and progression of its size. As they build the Tower, they refine their voluntary movement. The child learns self-control by doing the activity precisely and exactly.

When a child first attempts to build the Pink Tower, they may not be able to do it exactly right, they may not be able to control their movements yet. Through repetition and development of their hand-eye coordination, the child is able to make their hands move in a precise way. This is the key to self-control. When the child masters the skill, they master themself, by mastering their actions.

Vikalp uses recylable materials for our products and in order to ensure the safety of kids wood is not used.