Public Speaking For Kids



 Classes taken by Film & Theater Professionals

  • Developing fluency & impactful voice
  • Communicator- starting conversation, small talk, Managing Difficult Conversation, Making new friends
  • Art of Storytelling – Voice Modulation, influencing through body language, Art of Story telling
  • Presenter- Overcoming Shyness using NLP, Building Memory, Word choice, Presentation Skills
  • Delivering Extempore & Speech
  • Poetry recitation
  • Telling Jokes – Stand Up Comedy
  • Creating a Social Message Video
  • Debating Skills – Argue like Prosecutor & UN delegate
  • Presentation Skills – Presenter, Entrepreneur & TED speaker
  • Advertisement – Persuasive Techniques in Advertisement, Monroe’s Motivated Infomercial, Creating a Radio, TV and Video Commercial
  • Drama techniques – MIME Act, Theater Voice Techniques, Improv Acting for Communication, Theater for Learning Communication
  • Film Making – Creating Video tutorials, Short Film, Movie Trailer, Documentary Making
  • Charismatic Oration – Speaker, Voice Over Technique, Podcasting, Sports commentator, Radio show
  • Public performance as Slam Poet, Standup Comic, Youtuber (Preparing to be on camera, Live Streaming)


Writing Techniques


  • Story writing, Finding story Idea, Organising idea, Polishing the Story, Publishing the story Narrative writing – starting from writing one narrative
  • Understanding – Plot & Characters, Theme & setting, Point of View Central idea
  • Fundamentals of story Writing, Developing Character Arcs, Developing a Strong Theme
  • Narrator – Writing Techniques, Personal Narrative, Realistic Fiction Writing
  • Comic writing
  • Poetry Writing – Language Expressions, Writing a Rap Song
  • Fantasy Writing – Fairy Tale Writing, Fable Writing, Myth Writing
  • Adventure Writing – Heroic Tale writing, Tall Tale writing, Writing Pirate Story
  • Sports Writing – Untold story Writing, Sports Fiction Writing
  • Suspense Writing – Suspense, Mystery, Detective and Spy Story Writing
  • Sci-Fi Writing- Sci Fi Writing Alien Story writing, Superhero Writing
  • Horror Story Writing – Scary, Zombie, Supernatural Story Writing
  • Superhero Story Writing
  • Writing comedy – Writing Jokes, Comic writing, Humour & Satire
  • Play Writing – Screenplay Writing, Comic Book Writing, Writing a movie script
  • Tragedy Writing – Tragic story Writing, Dystopian World, Utopian world
  • New Age Writing – Flash Fiction, Fan Fiction Writing, Writing for Everyday Situations, Rants of Social Messages



 Classes taken by Journalist



  • Developing logical thinking – organizing thoughts, Sequencing, Describing & Inferencing,

Debating, Sentence starter for debate, Rebuttals, Role Play Debate

  • Presentation skills – Talking about a book or a good news article, Delivering a TED talk, TV News Reporting, EMCEE Vlogging
  • Influencer – Assertive Communication, Mastering Negotiations, Influencing People, Persuasion Skills
  • Global citizen – Cross-Cultural Communication, analyzing Issues on both sides, Propaganda Techniques, Art of Rhetoric
  • Host – Becoming an EMCEE hosting a TV Show, TV News reporting, Reality TV show


Writing Skills

  • Editing – Enhanced Writing Techniques, Summary Writing, Mastering Punctuation, Grammer & Word Usage
  • Copywriter- Persuasive writing, Art of copywriting, Designing brochure, Infographics
  • Report Writing- Writing Road, Broadcasting Media, Memoir and Journal writing
  • Letter Writing – Writing to Inform, Letter to the editor, Writing email, Newsletter, Public service Announcement
  • Expository Writing – Recipe Writing, Information Manual etc.
  • Biography Writing- My first autobiography & Biography writing.
  • Different types of writing – Opinion writing, Persuasive Writing, Writing Research Paper
  • New Age writer – Flash Fiction, Fan Fiction Writing, writing for everyday situation, Rants & Social Messages
  • Writing Biography- Writing my autobiography, Biography writing, Historical Fiction writing,




 Classes taken by Entrepreneur or students of Entrepreneurship Studies

  • Creative Thinking – Brainstorming Techniques, Creative Problem solving
  • Social Skills – Sharing & Taking turns, Accepting NO, following rules, Stating needs
  • Emotional Skills – Identifying Emotions and Feelings
  • Logical thinking – Reason out things, Describing & solving problems, Building arguments
  • Leadership Skills – Decision Making, Self-Advocacy, Making Choices & Conflict Resolution
  • Making Great First Impression, Elevator Pitch, Shark Tank, Sales Pitch
  • TED Speaker – Developing a powerful voice, delivering a TED talk
  • Creator – Out of box thinking, Creating a Company, Designing Concepts
  • Carrer Shaper – Interviewing Skills, Career Exploration, Practicing Interview Questions
  • Public Figure – Using Power Words to Influence, Your first Radio Interview, Learning from Famous Speeches.


Class taken by Subject Matter Experts of Phonics & English Language

  • Fundamentals of Writing – Framing sentences, Asking questions, Describing things, Writing meaningful sentences, Using impactful words, letter writing, email writing, summary writing
  • Reading & Comprehension – Reading Strategies, Plot, Characters & Story Elements, understanding idea & meaning, Reading Fairy tales, Improving Comprehension
  • Spelling – Vowel pattern, Spelling pattern, Two & three syllable words, Plurals, Prefixes & suffixes
  • Listening – Learning to Agree or disagree, art of observation
  • Grammer & Language – Nouns & Pronouns, Adjectives, Prepositions, Verbs, Tenses & Subject Verb Agreement
  • Language- Figurative Language, Shades of Meaning, using soft & strong Words, Formal & Informal use of English, Types of Sentences, Shades of meaning, using context clues to understand meaning, Common Phrasal Verbs
  • Vocabulary – Homophones, Synonyms & Antonyms, Prefixes and suffixes, Comparative Endings and Plurals.
  • Research – Conducting Research, Report Writing, Essay Writing



Conversation Skills


  • Daily Conversation Skills (Interaction with others, exchanging pleasantries, good manners)
  • Learning to Describe – Talking about time, setting and people
  • Leading Powerful Conversations – Using impactful words, strong verb, nouns, transition words, shades of meaning




  • Letter name and sound
  • Listens & repeat familiar words” “Identifies sound of ‘n’ in nail, name, net etc.
  • Familiar with sound of vowel and consonant words. VC and CVC words”
  • Listens repeated sounds attentively. Identifies repeated sounds and words. Says rhyming words with correct fluency
  • Able to blend and segment syllables of words. Sight words
  • Identifies rhyme words and make new words. Awareness of sound while reading or writing. Familiar with sounds of diagraph and diphthong. Consonant digraph, onset and rime blending and segmenting.
  • Identifies and creates new 4-5 rhyming words. Listening to a poem and writing down rhyming words,
  • Familiar with words with long vowel
  • Able to say tongue twister, alliteration (In sentence), pronunciation of silent words
  • Identifies rhyming & alliteration in sentences
  • Familiar with double consonant in two syllables
  • Familiar with silent words, pronouncing words with silent letters, pronouncing short/long vowel, pronouncing /p/b/ words, pronouncing magic