Sorting Kit

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Sorting Kit

Suitable for Age Group: 3 to 5 years

Inside the Box :
  • Two sets of 12 domino cards
  • Product manual with activity
Learning Outcome :
  • Learns to identify the numbers.
  • Understands the value of numbers in a concrete way.
  • Enhances the speed in recognizing the numbers.
  • Enhances the memory of children
  • Helps in checking the speed and accuracy.

How to Use?

  • Search for Vikalp Video Lessons in Google Play and download it in your Android Phone.

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Sorting Kit 

Interesting activities have been developed wherein children have to match numbers to its quantitative value.

  • Multiple games like train & memory games have been devised so that children develop the ability to instantaneously recognize the number of objects in a small group without the need to count them.
  • This ability to subitize enhances the speed in recognizing the numbers, enhances the memory of children. These activities can also be used as an assessment tool which helps the teacher in checking speed and accuracy.

Features & characteristics 

LEARNING OUTCOME: Enhances the speed and accuracy in recognizing the numbers which result in enhancing the memory. Learn to identify the numbers and understand the value in a concrete way.

CHILD SAFETY – Child safety is our first priority. All the edges of products are round. Material which can hurt children are avoided. Even if a child does some mishandling or hit each other it will not hurt the child. Any type of popularly used alcohol-based ink is avoided. Soya based ink of SAKATA INX has been used so that it’s not harmful in case a child tries to chew the product


Manufacturing process of products takes care of all 3 R’s of eco-friendly products – reduce, recycle and reuse.