Parent Review during Vikalp Parent Teacher Meeting

Every quarter there is Parent Teacher Meeting where teachers discuss the strength and weakness of children in their class. After this session, parents review the teaching-learning process followed by Vikalp. In this discussion they highlight the change they notice in their children. Some of the parents speak about the growth and development they see in their children after joining Vikalp. They explain how activity-based-learning and individual attention to each child is creating all the difference. What  parents say is very interesting!

Speaking about Vikalp Methodology one parent said, “If one hour of Vikalp teaching is creating such a difference, I wonder what my children were doing the whole day in their school”. This argument leads to a whole range of feedback. During the Parent Review session, one of them emphasized on the role of teachers in creating the difference. One of the NRI parents explained how Vikalp Online school is helping the NRI parents who want a world class good education for their children.