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That Solution Less Math Problem

My daughter found math, in general, quite tough since she was Four. It was as if the calculations were not her thing. She tried a lot, but could never get her calculations right. So her problems started from elementary level. And this continued for a long time. She used to diligently finish her homework of other subjects, but when it came to practicing math, she would shy away.

So, whenever she had a math exam or a practice test, instead of practicing for it, she started memorizing the answers and derivations. I thought she was being lazy for not practicing enough, but realized later that she just needed more time in math. Moreover, she could not find fun in practicing math as compared to other subjects, which were full of stories and interesting facts.

There was only one solution to the problem– someone had to sit with her and explain things slowly. It was not possible in school, since the teacher would not repeat the concept more than twice. There were other issues which prevented her from strengthening her basics. Due to our financial problems she would always join the school late. So her homework would keep on piling up. Meanwhile, I was also juggling between my job and household responsibilities. To add to her existing problems there was the evaluation pattern. Since her basics were off, it was obvious that she scored bad marks in math. This was happening to a lot of other children as well, but it created a divide in the class. This divide was between those who scored well and those who didn’t. This also left her feeling isolated and dejected as teachers would only paid attention to those who scored well.

So she became her own master. Sadly, she could never overcome her learning difficulty in the subject of math. Now that she is grown up and has taught in a school for more than a year and a half, it is visible to her that having a huge number of students in the class makes it impossible for the teacher to focus on each and every student. You cannot read math, unlike other subjects. One has to practice it again and again.


Sender’s Profile: Anju is a mother, an Asha worker, and a Booth Polling Officer too. Her daughter, Bharti, started her career as a teacher, and is currently working as the brand ambassador of Shunya Herbal Infusion.

The story was developed by Vikalp from the anecdotes shared by Bharti.