Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Math Phobia is Conquerable


I am Mala Grover, Ramyaa’s mother. I am sharing my experience as a parent of my child’s primary education days.

Ramyaa has been an average student in most of her school life. When she was in her primary school, she used to take a lot of time to understand a concept in Mathematics, as well as Science. But, when she understood, it used to be easy for her to solve problems. The main problem used to occur in the examinations. Since, my child was not good at memorizing things; she used to lose marks because of her inability to learn the formulas.

We wanted her to perform her best, so we wanted to sharpen her skills in doing things quickly. So we sent her for Abacus classes. There, Ramyaa initially struggled while solving simple addition-subtraction math problems, but later on, with practice, she was able to solve sums in a quick span of time.

Her Abacus classes helped her for she was able to get through many Mathematical struggles. But her examination stress did not help her get many marks.

Later on, in her higher classes 7th, 8th and 9th, with the increase in complexity of the subject, Ramyaa’s score declined. But in 10th grade, she changed her way of studying, instead of focusing on learning formulas blindly, she started understanding them. This helped her get a good score in her class.

As a parent, I believe, if we do not ask our children to focus on cramming things and make our children understand things; it will help them to score more.

The story was written by Mala Grover and shared over the email.