Online Drum Classes


Drum Classes for Kids is for: 

  • Drummers Looking for An In-Depth Beginner Course
  • School student between 4 to 17 years

What you’ll learn Online Drum Lessons?  

  • Correct Grip & Kick Drum Technique
  • Basic Music Theory & Note Reading
  • Beginner Rock & Pop Grooves
  • How And When to Play Drum Fills
  • Playing Along to Music
  • Effective Practice Methods

Requirements of Online Drum Classes

  • Drumsticks
  • A Practice Pad or Drum Kit
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Online Drum Classes is the most complete and in-depth course you will find on learning to play drums at a beginner level. The lectures provide step by step instructions and there are practical play-along example videos for every exercise.

After this Online Drum Classes, you will be able to:

  • Read and write basic drum notation
  • Play drum grooves and fills comfortably at a variety of tempos
  • Play rock & pop songs along with backing music
  • Count rhythms correctly and practice effectively

Are there opportunities for children to perform and demonstrate their abilities after attending drum classes online?

Yes, we hold online performances and shows where students can show their achievements. It enhances their self-esteem and gives them a platform to showcase their skill to family and friends.

Are these online drum classes appropriate for beginners?

Yes, absolutely! Our lessons are designed for beginners, offering a solid foundation in drumming methods while making the process fun and participatory.

Can parents watch their children’s online drum classes?

Yes, parents are permitted to witness the lessons. To keep parents updated on their kid’s musical journey, we encourage parental engagement and send frequent progress reports.

How can I sign up my child for online drum classes?

The enrollment process is simple! Visit our website, select the appropriate class, fill out the registration form, and pay. Your child will be ready to begin their drumming journey!

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