Online Piano Classes


Online Piano Classes – Learn Piano Online Course is for whom:

  • School-going-children between 4 to 17 years
  • This course is for anyone who wants to start to play the piano: to play songs, read from lead sheets, chord sheets and sheet music, start to improvise and obtain a good understanding of music (theory).

What you’ll learn in Learn Piano Online

  • Complete beginners will be taken to an intermediate (or even higher) level of piano playing with a thorough understanding of music theory.
  • You will master all the chords on the piano that will allow you to play all the songs you want.
  • You will know how to play any song by ear by just listening attentively, then deriving chords and melody.
  • You will know how to read music, so that you can play from lead sheets, chord sheets and sheet music.
  • You will start to improvise using the pentatonic and blues scales.

Requirements of Learn Piano Online

  • A piano or electronic keyboard
  • A metronome (downloadable for free on smartphones)
  • No need for any knowledge of music nor skills at the piano.

Online Piano Classes: You want to play your favorite song by ear, without having sheet music, chords or melody? After this Learn Piano Online Course you will be able to sit at the piano and play any song, just by listening attentively, derive chords and melody and then play the song, by ear! Surprise everyone playing any song on the piano with this amazing technique!


Apart from the introduction section , the course consists of 6 main sections, each with a lot of lectures that will help you to advance in a steady way. The 6 main sections are:

  1. Scales
  2. Piano chords
  3. Other chords
  4. Playing by ear
  5. Reading music
  6. Improvisation


  • Major scales in all 12 keys
  • Minor scales in all 12 keys
  • Transposing songs in other keys
  • Lots of songs to practice the notes of the scales
  • Circle of fifths
  • Intervals
  • Major triads
  • Minor triads
  • Dominant 7th chords
  • Minor 7th chords
  • Diminished chords
  • Major 7th chords
  • Slash chords
  • Sus chords
  • Lots of songs to practice the chords
  • Hand independence exercises
  • Diatonic chords in a major key
  • Diatonic chords in a minor key
  • Playing by ear
  • Treble clef
  • Bass clef
  • Time signature
  • Key signature
  • Practice songs
  • Pentatonic scale (major and minor)
  • Blues scale
  • The 12 bar blues
  • Improvising with the pentatonic and blues scales
  • Licks and riffs
  • Adding rhythm in the left hand accompaniment
  • Adding colors (9th, #9th, 13th) in the left hand accompaniment
  • Extend the blues scale with extra notes