Online Guitar Classes For Beginners


Online Guitar Classes is for:>

  • School Students who want to learn to play the guitar and have FUN in the process can join online Guitar Classes.
  • School Student who are frustrated with their current guitar skills
  • School Student who have NO CLUE where to start from
  • School Student looking for a STEP-BY-STEP program
  • School Student who want to learn ACTUAL SONGS while learning, and not just learn a couple of scales and note patterns…
  • School Student who want to finally be able to play their favourite songs on the guitar by participating in Online Guitar Classes

Requirements of Online Guitar Classes

  • You need no prior knowledge to benefit from this course!
  • You Will Need a Guitar
  • Practice Can Not Be Avoided
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What you’ll learn in Online Guitar Classes

  • Learn guitar chords that will allow you to play millions of songs
  • Learn to choose the right guitar for you
  • Learn to tune the guitar with ease
  • Learn all the important guitar strumming patterns
  • Learn acoustic guitar technique
  • Learn electric guitar technique
  • Learn to play lots of song chord progressions for the acoustic guitar
  • Learn to play epic electric guitar riffs
  • Learn tips and tricks and play with ease
  • Learn to play guitar with more confidence
  • Learn how to practice guitar properly
  • Learn and understand guitar gear
  • Learn how to setup an amp for great tone


Are online guitar classes appropriate for children??

Yes, guitar classes online for kids are created for young learners, with child-friendly lessons and interactive approaches.

What is the optimal age for children to begin taking online guitar lessons??

Youngsters as young as six years old can begin online guitar class and learn how to play guitar for kids, however certain platforms provide specialised training for even younger youngsters.

Do youngsters need any prior musical experience to enrol in online guitar lessons??

No prior musical experience is required. Online guitar lessons for kids frequently begin with fundamentals, explaining topics in a way that young novices may understand.

How long does each online guitar lesson for kids last??

Class lengths vary, but most sessions for children are approximately 90 minutes to keep young students engaged and attentive.

Are there online programmes particularly designed for different age groups of children?

Yes, we do provide age-appropriate divisions, guaranteeing that learning materials and teaching techniques are appropiate for various age groups, from children to teens.

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