Arabic for Kids


Explore the world of languages with our Online Arabic for kids course. We will give your kid excellent guidance in our Arabic learning for kids classes. With online sessions, students will get to know about the beauty of Arabic language. Our experts will strengthen the pronunciation, grammar, speaking skills, vocabulary and listening skills.

 Talk with native Arabic speakers Arabic for Kids 

Online Arabic speaking classes can help us to learn Arabic in a native way. Experienced teachers can help us to identify and correct every subtle grammatical or pronunciation mistake. Both of our Arabic speaking and listening ability will then grow gradually.

Practice Makes Perfect – Learning Arabic Online 

The ultimate goal of learning a language is to communicate. The initial idea of Arabic speaking is not about the correctness, it is all about the effectiveness. You can obtain useful feedback from tutors, so we can constantly improve the rhythm and fluency in speaking Arabic. To achieve an advanced level of Arabic speaking, we can further learn different vocabularies and expressions to make our speech more professional.


After successful completion of the course students are rewarded with a certificate.


Arabic for Kids : Beginners              

  • Can read and write the alphabet.
  • Can understand and use common greetings and basic vocabulary
  • Can communicate with Arabic speakers at very basic level
  • Can provide biographical info about self & family
  • Can use cardinal and ordinal numbers


Arabic for Kids : Intermediate Level

  • Master grammar concepts such of gender, interrogatives, noun plurals, dual form, and present tense conjugation
  • Master grammar concepts of past tense, negation, conditionals, and comparative tense
  • Can describe people and activities
  • Can understand and use vocab relating to Arab culture, religion, and government
  • Can hold practical conversations on topics such as traveling, shopping, and weather
  • Can understand and use vocab relating to travel, entertainment & personal interactions
  • Can hold conversations on situational topics
  • Can read and write effectively
  • Can comprehend and converse in Arabic on practical levels


Arabic for Kids : Advanced Level

  • Can use various simple sentence structures and verb forms in conversation
  • Master vocabulary related to social situations
  • Can comprehend and converse in Arabic in informal settings
  • Can write in paragraphs with ease
  • Can provide long narratives
  • Can hold basic conversation for extended periods of time
  • Can ask and answer questions in uncomplicated terms


Arabic for Kids : Expert Level

  • Can vary sentence structure to create flow in written works and conversation
  • Can use and understand Arab cultural references
  • Can speak at an advanced level
  • Can approach longer texts with unfamiliar vocabulary
  • Can use advanced sentence structure
  • Has a wide vocabulary range
  • Familiar with culture and language
  • Working Proficiency

Group Class, One-to-One Class