Attribute Block

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Attribute Block / Shape and Colour
Inside The Box:
  • Four shapes of 4 different colours
  • Four shapes in two sizes
  • Product manual with activity

Age Group: 1.5 to 8 years

Learning Outcome:

  • Differentiating with 4 basic colours
  • Discovering 4 different shapes
  • Discovering 2 different sizes
  • Discovering differences in length, breaths, and angles of the square, rectangle, triangle, and circle the basic idea of fractions is introduced.

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Attribute Block

Seeing and hearing leads to limited understanding. The concrete shapes of different color and size adds meaning to a child’s understanding. They can feel, experience and relate shapes and spatial understanding to their everyday life. Shapes & its spatial relationship becomes clearer as child can feel, experience and relate it with real life.

Features & characteristics 


Child safety is our first priority. All the edges of products are round. Material which can hurt children are avoided. Even if a child does some mishandling or hit each other it will not hurt the child. Any type of popularly used alcohol-based ink is avoided. Soya based ink of SAKATA INX has been used so that it’s not harmful in case a child tries to chew the product


Manufacturing process of products takes care of all 3 R’s of eco-friendly products – reduce, recycle and reuse.