Bharatanatyam Dance for Children


What you’ll learn in Bharatanatyam Dance for Children

  • Bharatnatyam Fundamentals – Tatta Adavu, Natta Adavu, Mudras, Neck Movements.
  • Prepare your body for ‘Laya’ (Basic rhythm patterns) and coordination needed for Bharatanatyam.
  • Learn the techniques and Prepare your body to learn ‘Bhava’ – Basic Expressions for story telling through dance.
  • Choreography 1: Fusion of Bharatanatyam with western beats Dance
  • Choreography 2: Shiva Meditation Mantra Dance – A pure Classical Dace piece
  • Confidence to go up there and perform!

Requirements of Bharatanatyam Dance for Children

  • Just come with lots of excitement and energy, nothing else is required! 🙂
  • You should be a school student
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Bharatanatyam Dance for Children Course  is created with an intent of having everyone to taste the pleasure of Bharatanatyam, without any prior knowledge or experience with any of dance forms. Over the lessons in this course, we will embark on a journey where we will learn about:

  • Introduction to Bharatanatyam
  • Basic steps to build the Rhythm and Coordination in the body
  • Neck movements
  • Hasta Mudras or Hand movements
  • Choreography 1: Fusion of Bharatanatyam with western beats!
  • Choreography 2: Shiva meditation mantra dance!

By the end of this Bharatanatyam Dance for Children, you will be able to learn and skillfully perform two beautiful Bharatanatyam choreographies! And having learnt basics of Bharatanatyam through this course, you will be ready to move forward with the more advanced lessons in Bharatanatyam.


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