Decimal Kit

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Decimal Kit: Inside The Box
  • 60 Plastic buttons kept inside a box.
  • Paper frame with six rows.
Learning Outcome:
  • Introduction of decimals
  • Associating decimal fractions with decimals.
  • Understanding and visualizing decimal place value

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Decimal Kit

Suitable for Age Group: 9 to 10 years

  • This kit helps children to transition from fractions to decimals.
  • Both the concepts are not limited to whole numbers ( 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), they even delve on numbers smaller than one.
  • Instead of numerator & denominator numbers, less than one (one-tenth and one hundredth) are represented with a dot.
  • In the decimal kit this dot or decimal point is in the center with three columns in the right and three in the left.
  • It is used to separate whole numbers from the numbers less than one. As we move left of the decimal point each position is ten times bigger. As we move right, each position is 10 times smaller. This changing place value is best understood when we play with the decimal kit.
  • LEARNING OUTCOME: Decimals, the relation between Decimals & decimal fractions.
    REDUCE Usage of plastic is minimal. Even the plastic used is polypropylene (PP sheet) which is also recycled.
    RECYCLE Printing is done using soya-based ink so that it’s not harmful even if children try to eat or chew the products.
    REUSE Basic material used is recycled corrugated sheets. The same is used to manufacture carton boxes.
    The objective is to sensitize children towards the reuse of cartoon boxes which is normally thrown after usage. It encourages children to change carton boxes and other waste materials lying at home into something useful.