French for Kids Intermediate Level


French for Kids Intermediate Level is for those who have basic knowledge of French? Check the curriculum of beginners level. If you know about them, you can take admission in this French for Kids | Intemediate Level Course. The curriculum for this course will be as below: –

  • Knows about Tense
  • Develops Grammatical skills.
  • Difference between 《Present 》 and 《 Past 》 reported speech.
  • Learn about advice tense and tense which is used to describe memories.
  • Learn the difference between the past tenses.
  • Learn how to write a letter in formal and informal language.
  • Learn how to express wishes using tense in present and past.
  • Enhancement of their vocabulary skills.
  • Enhancement of other tenses.
  • Learn how to give their opinion.
  • Improve their writing skills. Formal + Informal Writing
  • Basic difference between some important tenses.
  • Learn about connectors.
  • Learn how to express their wishes, desires, and wants.
  • Learn how to talk about the positive and negative impacts.
  • Learn about Active Voice and Passive Voice.
  • Learn about Opposition and Concession.
  • Preparing for a professional interview
  • Learn about different expressions.
  • Learn how to make comparisons!
  • Knows about Direct – Indirect Speech.

French for Kids Intermediate Level Course will help you to:

  • Give and receive directions
  • Describe yourself and other people in both personality and appearance
  • Create sentences in the past tense
  • Distinguish between the past tenses
  • Form questions and negations in the past
  • Acquire and hone translation skills
  • Structure new sentences with ease

This online French course aims to help you master the basics of French and give you a strong base onto which you will be able to build your skills as a French speaker.