French for Kids Professional Level


French for Kids Professional Level

Please check the curriculum of advanced level. If you know about them, you can take admission in this French for Kids | Professional Level. The curriculum for this professional course will be as below: –

  • How to give commands!
  • Advanced usage of verbs and prepositions!
  • Learn about frequently used Prefixes and Suffixes in this module.
  • Learn about synonyms and antonyms
  • Learn about Past Tense and its usage in dialogues.
  • Learn to talk about actions they would do, had already done and going to do in the near future.
  • About tense, which will enhance the student’s language ability.
  • Teach students to work on Conditional Tense.
  • Knowledge about the pronouns used in the French language.
  • Learn how to make sentences with Relative Pronouns.
  • Know about Direct – Indirect Speech.
  • Work on their Dialogue and debate-making ability using advanced language skills.
  • Preparation for the Interview
  • Presentation Skills
  • Resume Writing
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French for Kids Professional Level is 9 month Course. Once this French Certificate Course is complete you can make resume, appear for interviews, make presentations. Basically, you will become ready for the professional job world. You will be able to speak almost like a native. Certificate issued at the end of this course will help you in applying for various job opportunities.


Who can join the Professional French Language Course?

Individuals with a decent comprehension of basic French and want to enhance their language abilities to an advanced level are welcome to enroll in the Professional French Language Course.

What topics will be in the Professional French Language Course advanced level?

Giving commands, advanced usage of verbs and prepositions, prefixes and suffixes, synonyms and antonyms, actions in various tenses, pronouns, direct-indirect speech, resume writing and more are all covered in the advanced level of the course.

Will the training include practical exercises and interactive sessions in the Professional French Language Course?

Yes, there are practical exercises, interactive discussions, and activities to reinforce learning throughout the course. Students will participate in discourse exercises, debate sessions, and other interactive activities.

Is a certificate awarded upon completion of the Professional French Language Course?

Yes, students will get a certificate recognising their competency in advanced French language abilities following successful completion of the course.            

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