Handwriting for Nursery

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Handwriting for Nursery is the first part of Vikalp Writing Series. It is for beginners who is yet to start writing. This writing book attempts to make writing a pleasant task for little ones. Distance between lines is wide enough (1cm) to help children to keep the designs within certain definite limits. In order to acquire the skill of writing well, following 4 points should be kept in mind.


Holding pen or pencil in a tripod grip where the thumb, index and middle finger work together to hold the writing instrument securely. Young children may first begin to develop this skill through drawing, and later by coloring inside the lines in coloring books.


  1. An upright sitting posture is best.
  2. The book/board should be placed at a slight angle.
  3. The right hand is to be lifted and moved to the right only after the design is complete.
  4. strokes used to form letters


  1. The left palm should be open and placed on the book/board. Pressure of this would help in keeping the book/board steady while writing.
  2. Pen/pencil should not be held too firmly in the right hand. It should be held such that right amount of pressure is applied and the text written is not too faint or dark.


Designs includes all kind of strokes which make vertical, horizontal, slanting, curved and circular lines. The dots and dashes and small details of designs, help to focus the pupil’s attention on small details required in forming letters while writing. This helps in avoiding confusion between similarly shaped letters, such as lowercase a, e and o.


Handwriting for Nursery

Inspired by                                                                                 Conceived by

Sister M. Hyacintha A. C                                                          Neha Choudhry

Director, Carmel Teacher Centre, India                                Chief Idea Officer (CIO), Vikalp, India

Vikalp Writing Series is a complete series of 7 books on how to learn handwriting. This is specially designed for children in the age group of 2 to 9 years. This is recommended for students in Pre-Primary and Primary classes. It helps in the development of fine motor skills which lays the strong foundation for handwriting in the early years.