Hindi for Kids



Hindi for Kids Couse will follow NCERT syllabus and textbook

Focus Areas:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar

Above parameters will be used to assess the proficiency level of each child.

Online Hindi Classes For Kids

Discover the delights of interactive online hindi classes learning for children! Our interactive Hindi online classes provide dynamic courses with games, exercises, and multimedia resources designed specifically for young learners.

Meet Our Teachers:

Meet our devoted staff of expert teachers who feel strongly about teaching Hindi to young learners at Hindi Learning for Kids. Our teachers are facilitators, not just educators, helping youngsters through an enjoyable and dynamic language learning experience.

In Hindi classes for kids, Your child will gain confidence, fluency, and additional cultural awareness due to their expertise and personalised approach. Meet the teachers who stimulate language improvement in every lesson when you join us.

Focus of online classes of Hindi for Kids

Our basic Hindi learning for kids Classes emphasise fundamental linguistic abilities. To ensure well-rounded language development, we improve their listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Our curriculum prioritises vocabulary development and a solid foundation in grammar. We provide Hindi learning for kids worksheets to practise. We foster confident young learners by providing them with thorough Hindi language skills through interactive classes.


Hindi for Kids completely oriented towards teaching Hindi for kids. This is an age-appropriate Hindi course where children learn to speak, write and read Hindi. Objective of Hindi classes is to lay strong foundation of Hindi in each child. Some of the important aspects of the online language course is as below:

  • Emphasis on grammar and vocabulary
  • Lesson plans for speaking, reading and writing practise

In this age-appropriate Hindi course, each Grade has following Course book:-

  • Grade 1 Rimjhim Part 1
  • Grade 2 Rimjhim Part 2
  • Grade 3 Rimjhim Part 3
  • Grade 4 Rimjhim Part 4
  • Grade 5 Rimjhim Part 5
  • Grade 6 Vasant Part 1 + Bal Ram Katha
  • Grade 7 Vasant Part 2 + Mahabharat
  • Grade 8 Vasant Part 3 + Bharat ki Khoj + Sanshipt Budhcharit
  • Grade 9 Kshitij Part 1 + Kritika Part 1
  • Grade 10 Kshitij Part 2 + Kritika Part 2