Kathak Classes for Children


What you’ll learn in Kathak Classes for Children

  • Basic mudras of kathak
  • Dance pieces
  • History of kathak
  • Basic concepts of kathak dance
  • Basic taals

Requirement of Kathak Classes for Children

  • You should a school student
  • Have the passion to learn kathak as a new thing

You are going to be learning in Kathak Classes for Children: 

  • Basic mudras (with one hand and two hands)
  • History and the origin of kathak
  • Small dance pieces on Hindi songs
  • Basic terms and concepts of kathak
  • Biographies of some famous kathak dancers
  • Teentaal and some other various taals
  • Basic knowledge of other dance forms
  • The first four avatars of Vishnu and their stories
  • Tatkaar in various speeds (called layas)

As long as one has a ready mind and body to receive the knowledge, one needn’t worry about age while learning this dance form.

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Syllabus of Kathak Classes for Children

  • Teental ( तीन ताल)
  • Tatkar and Padhant in ekgun (thah), dugun , chowgun, Aathgun ( एकगुन (ठाह), दुगुन,चौगुन, अठगुन)
  • Coordinating Hands and Arm movements in Tatkar
  • Thaat (थाट)
  • Aamad (आमद)
  • One Avartan ka tukda ( एक आवर्तन का टुकड़ा)
  • Rang manch ka tukda with padhant (रंग मंच का टुकड़ा)
  • Two Tihayis with padhant in Slow/ Vilambit lay (विलम्बित लय)
  • One Tihayi with padhant in Medium/ Madhya lay ( मध्यलय)
  • One Tukda with padhant (टुकड़ा)
  • Guru vandana ( गुरु वंदना)
  • New Thaat (थाट) and Aamad (आमद)
  • Salami ( सलामी)
  • New one avartan ka tukda (एक आवर्तन का टुकड़ा)
  • Natwari ka tukda with 6 chakkars (6 चक्करों का नटवरी का टुकड़ा)
  • Saada tukdas ( सादा टुकड़ा )
  • One tihayi in Slow/vilambit lay (विलंबित लय की तिहाई)
  • One tihayi in Fast/dhrut lay (द्रुत लय की तिहाई)
  • Chakkardar todaa (चक्करदार तोड़ा)
  • Ladi (लड़ी)
  • Shiro bhed (शिरो भेद)
  • Introduction and shlok to both hand and fingure gesture (संयुक्त हस्त
  • मुद्रा) in hindi and their meaning in English.



What qualifications do online Kathak teachers have?

Vikalp hires professional Kathak teachers with considerable training and performing experience. We guarantee that your child get quality teaching from trained dancers.

Can my child take online Kathak classes and participate in performances?

Many online Kathak classes allow children to demonstrate their skills in virtual shows. It gives them confidence and stage knowledge.

Is prior dance experience required for my child to take online Kathak classes?

No, Online Kathak classes are offered to all ability levels, including children new to dance.

What exactly are online Kathak Dance Classes for Children?

Online Kathak Dance Classes for Kids are online classes in which children study classical Kathak dance from qualified instructors.

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