Kathak Classes for Children


What you’ll learn in Kathak Classes for Children

  • Basic mudras of kathak
  • Dance pieces
  • History of kathak
  • Basic concepts of kathak dance
  • Basic taals

Requirement of Kathak Classes for Children

  • You should a school student
  • Have the passion to learn kathak as a new thing

You are going to be learning in Kathak Classes for Children: 

  • Basic mudras (with one hand and two hands)
  • History and the origin of kathak
  • Small dance pieces on Hindi songs
  • Basic terms and concepts of kathak
  • Biographies of some famous kathak dancers
  • Teentaal and some other various taals
  • Basic knowledge of other dance forms
  • The first four avatars of Vishnu and their stories
  • Tatkaar in various speeds (called layas)

As long as one has a ready mind and body to receive the knowledge, one needn’t worry about age while learning this dance form.

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Syllabus of Kathak Classes for Children

  • Teental ( तीन ताल)
  • Tatkar and Padhant in ekgun(thah), dugun , chowgun, Aathgun ( एकगुन (ठाह), दुगुन,चौगुन, अठगुन)
  • Coordinating Hands and Arm movements in Tatkar
  • Thaat (थाट)
  • Aamad (आमद)
  • One Avartan ka tukda ( एक आवर्तन का टुकड़ा)
  • Rang manch ka tukda with padhant(रंग मंच का टुकड़ा)
  • Two Tihayis with padhant in Slow/ Vilambit lay (विलम्बित लय)
  • One Tihayi with padhant in Medium/ Madhya lay ( मध्यलय)
  • One Tukda with padhant (टुकड़ा)
  • Guru vandana ( गुरु वंदना)
  • New Thaat (थाट) and Aamad (आमद)
  • Salami ( सलामी)
  • New one avartan ka tukda (एक आवर्तन का टुकड़ा)
  • Natwari ka tukda with 6 chakkars (6 चक्करों का नटवरी का टुकड़ा)
  • Saada tukdas ( सादा टुकड़ा )
  • One tihayi in Slow/vilambit lay (विलंबित लय की तिहाई)
  • One tihayi in Fast/dhrut lay (द्रुत लय की तिहाई)
  • Chakkardar todaa (चक्करदार तोड़ा)
  • Ladi (लड़ी)
  • Shiro bhed (शिरो भेद)
  • Introduction and shlok to both hand and fingure gesture (संयुक्त हस्त
  • मुद्रा) in hindi and their meaning in English.

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