Malayalam For Kids


Malayalam for Kids – Live Interactive Classes

Embrace the confidence to speak Malayalam boldly! Our course provides a supportive environment where Malayalam kids can interact with experienced teachers. Gain expert guidance on speaking Malayalam with correct pronunciation, grammar. Through interactive classes, exercises your kids will develop great speaking skills.


Consistent Malayalam Practice leads to Perfection

At the heart of language learning lies effective communication, Mastering Malayalam isn’t just about correctness – it’s about communication’s power. Our tutor provides invaluable feedback, enabling continuous enhancement of Tamil speaking rhythm and fluency. To gain an advanced level of Malayalam speaking, we focus on their vocabularies and expressions to make speech more professional.


After successful completion of the course students are rewarded with a certificate.


Malayalam for Kids is an online class. How is it going to benefit?

Online Malayalam classes for kids provide structured curriculum, interactive lessons and skilled facilitator. It can improve your child’s language skill.

What age group is suitable for enrolling in Malayalam Class for Kids?

Malayalam class for kids is for children between the age of 5 and 12. The Malayalam speaking class provides various learning leavels, ensuring level-appropriate teaching methods and materials.

Is Online Malayalam Class for Kids Conducted Live?

Yes, Malayalam language classes are live sessions with experienced teachers. In these classes, teachers’ pay full attention to the kids. They do interactive lessons and do verbal exercise.

What materials are to make learning enjoyable?

Malayalam class for kids uses different types of digital resources, like videos, interactive games, colourful illustrations, and storytelling sessions. These materials are made to captivate young learners, making the learning process enjoyable.

How can I enroll my child in an online Malayalam class for kids?

Making registration for your child in an online Malayalam class for kids is simple. Visit Vikalp website, choose the Malayalam language course according to your child’s learning level, and make the payment. After payment you can fill the registration form. Once you complete the registration, your child can join scheduled classes.