Marathi for Kids


Marathi for Kids

Stop being timid about speaking Marathi, and be brave to say it out loud! Marathi Speaking course will allow you to engage with the teachers. They will guide you in speaking Marathi in the right tone, grammar and pronunciation. Through actual interactive practices, you are strengthening not only your Marathi speaking skills but also your grammar, vocabulary and listening skills. Start your kids Online Marathi learning journey with us.


Talk with native Marathi speakers

1-on-1 online Marathi speaking classes can help us to learn Marathi natively. Marathi speaking experienced teachers can help us to identify and correct every subtle grammatical or pronunciation mistake. This expertise allow them to pinpoint even the subtle mistakes. We ensure you teach precise Marathi language to your kids.

Excellence Through Persistent Practice

The ultimate goal of Marathi speaking course for kids is to learn a language and to communicate. The initial idea of Marathi class for kids is not about correctness; it is all about effectiveness. You can obtain valuable feedback from educators so we can constantly improve the rhythm and fluency in speaking Marathi. To achieve an advanced level of Marathi speaking, we can learn different vocabulary and expressions to make our speech more professional.

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Focus Areas of Marathi for Kids:

    • Listening

In Marathi class for kids, we give priority to the development of active listening skills. Through engaging audios, interactive exercises, and conversations, kids learn to understand spoken Marathi words. It will enhance their tone, pronunciation and accent.

    • Reading

We cultivate the love for language in the hearts of kids by introducing them to Marathi sentences for beginners. We organise reading sessions and comprehension activities in classes in Marathi for kids.

    • Writing Mastery

Our systematic strategy for teaching Marathi writing in Marathi class for kids, assists students in grasping the principles of the script. Children practise their penmanship and creative expression by making letters and composing words. Regular writing projects increase fluency, allowing children to explain their thoughts effectively.

    • Speaking

Make your kids learn Marathi online with us. The emphasis on spoken Marathi empowers children to articulate themselves orally. Interactive discussions, role-playing, and storytelling exercises allow children to express themselves clearly. They get the confidence to engage in discussions with ease via frequent practice.

    • Vocabulary Expansions

In Marathi class for kids, we use enjoyable and engaging approaches to help them expand their Marathi vocabulary. Engaging activities, word organisation, and contextual learning all contribute to developing an extensive vocabulary bank. Children learn to successfully utilise words in oral and written communication by exploring them in many circumstances.

    • Grammar Clarity

Learning the structure of the Marathi language is necessary for efficient communication. Our classes are designed to teach grammar rules straightforwardly and practically. Children learn grammar ideas in Marathi class for kids through interactive courses, allowing them to write grammatically accurate phrases. Section added to the page

Above parameters will be used to assess the proficiency level of each child.




How are Marathi Classes for Kids going to benefit?

Online Marathi classes for kids provide structured curriculum, interactive lessons, and skilled instructors. It can improve your child’s language skill. 

HWhat age group is suitable for enrolling in Marathi Class for Kids?

Marathi class for kids is for children between the age of 5 and 12. The Marathi speaking class provides various age-groups, ensuring age-appropriate teaching methods and materials. 

Is Online Marathi Class for Kids Conducted in Real-time with Live Instructors?

Yes, most Marathi language classes are live sessions with experienced teachers. In Marathi class for kids, teachers pay full attention to the kids. They do interactive lessons and do verbal exercise.

What material is used in Marathi class for kids to make learning enjoyable?

Marathi class for kids uses different types of digital resources, like videos, interactive games, colourful illustrations, and storytelling sessions. These materials are made to captivate young learners, making the learning process enjoyable.

How can I enrol my child in an online Marathi class for kids?

Making registration for your child in an online Marathi class for kids is simple. Visit Vikalp website, choose the Marathi language course according to your child’s age group. Now, fill out the registration form, and make the payment. Once you complete the registration, your child can join scheduled classes.  


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Competency Levels

3 Month Subscription for Beginners, 6 Month Subscription for Beginners, 9 Month Subscription for Beginners, 3 Month Subscription for Intermediate Level, 6 Month Subscription for Intermediate Level, 9 Month Subscription for Intermediate Level, 3 Month Subscription for Advanced Level, 6 Month Subscription for Advanced Level, 9 Month Subscription for Advanced Level​, ​3 Month Subscription for Expert Level, 6 Month Subscription for Expert Level, 9 Month Subscription for Expert Level