Math Kit for Class 7

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Math Kit for Class 7


Set of 7 TLM(s) suitable for students of 13 to 14years. Recommended for Grade 7 students


Cuisenaire Strip | Geometric shape kit | Algebraic tiles | Mensuration kit | Base 10 block | Angle Formation Kit.

With Product Manual.


  1. Understand how to solve simple equation on Cuisenaire strip.
  2. Discover properties of Solid shapes through Geometric shape kit.
  3. Able to solve Basic operation of integer on Algebraic tiles.
  4. Learn property of circle and its Area and perimeter on Mensuration kit.
  5. Understand how to represent Decimal on Base 10 block.
  6. Determine property of triangle, Lines and Angle on Angle formation kit.


Math Kit for Class 7


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