Measurement Kit

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Measurement Kit
Age Group
  • Suitable for children of 8 to 9 years
  • Recommended for Grade 3 and 4
Inside The Box:
  • Weighing balance
  • Two beakers
  • Measuring tape
  • Product Manual with Lesson Plan
Learning Outcome:
  • Weighing objects with or without standard units.
  • Measuring length of objects with standard units.
  • Measuring volume of liquids with or without standard units.
  • Estimating weight, length, volume and verifying.
  • Demonstrating an intuitive grasp of measurement and its estimation.

How to Use?

  • Search for Vikalp Video Lessons in Google Play and download it in your Android Phone.

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Measurement Kit

Why do students struggle with measurement Concepts?

Measurement taught in primary classes includes weight, length and volume. Each of this concept is confusing for children until they start working with measuring tools. How will a child know which object is heavy or light? They need to weigh and see. Otherwise they keep confusing between weights. They are unable to make out the difference between 10 grams and 10 milliliters and 10 millimeters.


How does Measuring Kit help us?

While measuring with tools children discover the concept. Initially, children learn measuring by using non-standard units. Once standard units are introduced measuring kit is imperative. They play and learn to estimate the length and then verify by using measuring tape. Measure volumes using beakers. Children also learn to guess, estimate and verify the weight. While working with concrete measuring tools children are able to connect with the abstract concept of measurement.


Product Evolution 

Conceived by educationists like late P. K Shrinivasan and Sr. M Hyacintha A. C. These change agents lead a crusade of shorts against the debilitating idea of rote learning techniques and drill. It is designed by toy designers and game develops of NIFT and NID whose path breaking work in field of invisible design has reached new heights.