Sanskrit for Kids


Sanskrit for Kids Course is for:

  • Those who want to understand Sanskrit Texts, Scriptures, Stories and Shloka
  • Those who are taking Sanskrit in School and other Sanskrit Exams
  • Those who want to Speak and Write Sanskrit error free


Curriculum for Beginner Level:

  • Alphabets of Sanskrit and Learning methods
  • Noun, Pronoun and Gender of Sanskrit
  • Interrogative Pronoun of Sanskrit
  • Concepts of Verbs and Indeclinable of Sanskrit
  • Common Verbs and forms of Present Tense in Sanskrit
  • Bhavan, Bhavati and Dhatu Roots and Verb forms in Sanskrit
  • First & Second person and complete 9 verb forms in Present Tense
  • Accusative Case in Sanskrit


Curriculum for Intermediate Level:

  • Simple Concepts of Order Request and Casual Form of verbs in Sanskrit
  • Concept of Sambodhana Vibhakti Forms in Sanskrit
  • Concepts od Day and Time Period in Sanskrit
  • Concepts of Past Tense for of Verb in Sanskrit
  • Concept of Ktvatu Krdanta for of verb in Sanskrit
  • Concepts of Future Tense for of Verb in Sanskrit
  • Concept of Ktva Krdanta for of verb in Sanskrit
  • Concept of Lyap Krdanta Forms Explanation
  • Concept of Tumun Krdanta Forms Explanation
  • Simple Concepts of Instrumental Case Explanation
  • Simple Concepts of Case Explanation
  • Simple Concepts of Ablative Case Explanation
  • Simple Concepts of Locative Case Explanation
  • Simple Concepts of Numbers
  • Simple Concept of Time in Sanskrit
  • Simple and easy Expression and Dialogue in Sanskrit
  • Simple Easy Expression and Philosophy Subhashitam Shloka in Sanskrit


Curriculum for Advance Level:

  • Basic Idea about Sanskrit Conversational Aspects
  • Comprehension of Sanskrit Stories like Ramyana
  • Subhashitam Deconstruction and Comprehension in Sanskrit
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Sanskrit for Kids is a Comprehensive Sanskrit Course for Absolute Beginners to learn right from Alphabets to become a Pro. The entire course is divided in to three levels and the lessons are taken step by step, in easy explanations and exercises, level after level to make a strong and thorough base to learn further my courses and to become a pro gradually.


You will be taken through lesson after lesson in easy steps to develop the language knowledge right from the base. The language structure is very important to understand and, in this course, more importance to explain the basic structure.


In the Beginners Level, you will learn the alphabets, reading and writing methods, listening and pronouncing, splitting words in to alphabets and after completing the entire discussions in this level, you will be comfortable to read, write, listen and write, introduction to nouns, verbs, pronouns and forming simple sentences in Present Tense, so that you can take the next step of learning words, meanings and sentence constructions.


In the Intermediate Level, you will learn Past Tense, Future Tense, Order-Request Mood, around hundred nouns and verbs, pronouns and how different forms of the nouns and verbs are formed in Sanskrit. Because in Sanskrit every word either noun or verb is complete in itself with meaning like gender, number and case for each noun – person, number and tense for each verb, the exercises and explanations will prepare the students confidently and comfortably to take up further lessons of Advanced Level.


In Advanced Level, you will further learn numbers, time, days, indeclinable, adjectives, and different conjunction particles to construct complex sentences. With many examples of sentence constructions and tips to use the correct verb forms or noun forms, and the usage of different particles discussed, you will be prepared to comprehend a story and actual deconstruction of Shloka to get the meaning out of it. You will see dialog and the meanings; expression of the Sanskrit Language and you will be prepared to create your own dialog.


End of Advanced Level, you will be taken through a complete Ramayana Story and around fifty Shlokas with word-by-word explanations and the style of expressions in Sanskrit. I am sure by the end of this course you will be comfortable and confident to learn further text and subjects of Sanskrit, to improve your skills. By completing the Course, you will be confident to construct your correct sentences and deconstruct a Shloka on your own.

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3 Month Subscription for Beginners, 6 Month Subscription for Beginners, 9 Month Subscription for Beginners, 3 Month Subscription for Intermediate Level, 6 Month Subscription for Intermediate Level, 9 Month Subscription for Intermediate Level, 3 Month Subscription for Advanced Level, 6 Month Subscription for Advanced Level, 9 Month Subscription for Advanced Level