Spanish for Kids | Professional Level | Certificate Course in Spanish Language


 Syllabus of Spanish for Kids Professional Level

Spanish words

  • Verbs
  • Nouns
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs


Spanish Phrases

  • Travel
  • Business
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • School



  • The Alphabet
  • Pronouncing Vowels
  • Pronouncing the letter “H”
  • Pronouncing “Ñ”
  • The letters “LL” vs the letter “Y”
  • Pronouncing “Que/ Qui” and “Gue/ Gui” pt 1
  • Pronouncing “Que/ Qui” and “Gue/ Gui” pt 2
  • The letter “G” vs the letter “J”
  • The letter “C” vs the letter “Z”
  • Accents pt 1: Palabras Agudas
  • Accents pt 2: Palabras Llanas
  • Accents pt 3: Palabras Esdrújulas y Sobreesdrújulas
  • Practicing Common Words
  • Spanish Dictation Exercise
  • Tongue Twisters

Why learn Professional Spanish Language Course from Vikalp online classes?

With Vikalp Spanish Certificate Course Online Classes, you may embark on a transforming linguistic journey where learning Spanish becomes an engaging adventure. Our skilled educators combine passion and methodology to create a vibrant, engaging learning environment in Spanish Certificate Course Online Classes. Vikalp guarantees a bespoke approach for each learner, from colorful cultural insights to personalized attention. Immerse yourself in exciting sessions, selected materials, and a supportive community that knows no bounds. Mastering Spanish is more than simply a goal for Vikalp; it’s a compelling adventure of language, culture, and relationships.

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Spanish for Kids Professional Level is a 9 Month Course. Once this French Certificate Course is complete you can make resume, appear for interviews, make presentations. Basically, you will become ready for the professional job world. You will be able to speak almost like a native. Certificate issued at the end of this course will help you in applying for various job opportunities.

FAQs of Spanish of Kids Professional Level

How interactive are the Professional Spanish Language Course classes?

Our Professional Spanish Language Course classes are lively and interactive curriculum provides young learners with a riveting introduction to the course through lessons, games, and exercises that add a fun touch to the educational process.

How fluent will I be in Spanish after finishing the Certificate Course in Spanish?

The course aims to improve your language abilities so you can talk almost as fluently as a native.

What advantages does finishing the Spanish Certificate Course Online provide?

After completing Spanish Certificate Course Online, you can improve your CV, engage in interviews, and confidently deliver presentations. The training will prepare you for a professional career.

How does the Professional Spanish Language Course help with job opportunities?

You get a vital asset for job applications when you receive the Online Spanish Certificate Course, opening doors to various professional options.

What does the Professional Spanish Language Course syllabus cover in the context of language elements?

The Professional Spanish Language Course curriculum covers essential language aspects such as Spanish vocabulary, verbs, nouns, adjectives, and adverbs, giving students a well-rounded grasp of the language.

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