Talking Stick – Constructing 3D Shapes

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Talking Stick – Constructing 3D Shapes
Age Group
  • Suitable for 8 to 10 years old
  • Recommended for Grade 4,5 & 6
Inside The Box:
  • Sticks in 3 sizes
  • Twelve 3 way connector
  • Eight 4 way connector
  • Six 5 way connector
  • Product Manual with Lesson Plan
Learning Outcome:
  • Understands properties of 3-D shapes-
  • Gets familiar with faces, vertices, edges.
  • Discovers polyhedrons- cube, prism, etc.
  • Able to visualize 3D shapes in 2D & vice versa.

How to Use?

  • Search for Vikalp Video Lessons in Google Play and download it in your Android Phone.

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Talking Stick – Constructing 3D Shapes: Why do students struggle with 3D shapes?

Visualizing properties like faces, vertices and edges of 3D geometric shapes are too confusing for children. But when they get to create shapes on their own children start understanding. Same is with study of polyhedron. Imagining 3D shapes in 2D and vice versa is too difficult for a child of this age group. Using manipulatives, such as Talking Stick, can help students connect the abstract with more concrete representations.

How does Talking Stick help us?

Talking sticks are a useful aid to the study of polyhedron and solid geometry in general, as they allow for physical models of polyhedron to be constructed. Sticks are connected to form net which is folded into 3D shapes like cubes, cylinders, and cones. While making the shapes children discover its characteristics. Children get a feel of perspective. Gradually they become proficient enough to visualize without making it. Visualization of 3D shapes in 2D lays the foundation for designing layout plan for a house and perspective design – the most fundamental concept of technical drawing.

Features & characteristics 


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