Vikalp Assessment and Evaluation System

VANES is Vikalp’s in house assessment engine for students of Classes Nursery to 5, to determine the progress and achievement of the students

Activity Assessment (Rubric based): To gauge learners understanding, dexterity and understanding of the concept while using ‘Vikalp’ manipulative and concrete materials.

Application Assessment: Application of the learnt concept on pen and paper (From Concrete to abstract)


Vikalp provides Diagnostic and Evaluation report for all the stakeholders

  • Performance Report of Class, Subject, Teachers
  • Benchmarks across students within & Outside
  • Diagnostic Reports & Remedial
  • Class Performance Report
  • Benchmarks across students
  • Diagnostic Reports & Remedial
  • Performance Report
  • Benchmarks
  • Diagnostic Reports & Remedial


  • Based on the NCERT, CBSE, ICSE, and major state boards’ curriculum
  • For students aged 3 to 11 (Nursery to Class V)
  • Provides topic wise strengths and weakness
  • Benchmarks the student’s performance against peers


  • Remedies and corrective actions related to every concept, skill and activity, to all stakeholders
  • Predict learning and understanding behaviour of the learner for next stage and create insights for learning facilitation
  • Benchmarking report of the group and associated facilitator
  • Create learning strategies and teaching methodology