VANES (Vikalp Assessment and Evaluation System) is an in-house assessment engine for students of Classes Nursery to Grade 5, to determine the progress and achievement of the students

Activity Assessment (Rubric based): To gauge learners understanding, dexterity and understanding of the concept while using ‘Vikalp’ manipulative and concrete materials.

Application Assessment: Application of the learnt concept on pen and paper (From Concrete to Abstract)


Vikalp provides Diagnostic and Evaluation report for all the stakeholders


  • Performance Report
  • Benchmarks
  • Diagnostic Reports & Remedial


  • Class Performance Report
  • Benchmarks across students
  • Diagnostic Reports & Remedial


  • Performance Report of Class, Subject, Teachers
  • Benchmarks across students within & Outside
  • Diagnostic Reports & Remedial


  • Based on the NCERT, CBSE, ICSE, and major state boards’ curriculum
  • For students aged 3 to 11 (Nursery to Class V)
  • Provides topic wise strengths and weakness
  • Benchmarks the student’s performance against peers


  • Remedies and corrective actions related to every concept, skill and activity, to all stakeholders
  • Predict learning and understanding behaviour of the learner for next stage and create insights for learning facilitation
  • Benchmarking report of the group and associated facilitator
  • Create learning strategies and teaching methodology