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Development you can observe in your child:

This Upper Kindergarten Classes will help your child to attain and excel in age appropriate learning levels in following areas: –


Here’s what your child will get:

Your child will first experience the concept via PHYGITAL solution where best of physical and digital is combined. This includes:

3 Month Subscription

Physical Product :
1 DIY Activity kit
Facilitators Guide for parents
Workbook for children
Activity schedule

Digital Product:
Parent app
Mobile games

Individualised attention during live online classes

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6 Month Subscription

Physical products:
2 DIY Activity kit
Facilitators Guide for parents
Workbook for children
Activity schedule

Digital Product:
Parent app
Mobile games

Individualised attention during live online classes

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9 Month Subscription

Physical products:
3 DIY Activity kit
Facilitators Guide for parents
Workbook for children
Activity schedule

Digital Product:
Parent app
Mobile games

Individualised attention during live online classes

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Well Being

  • Able to describe self & others
  • Plays & learns to help peers
  • Gross Motor – kicking & catching
  • Fine Motor – Princer grip for drawing & writing

Explore & know the world around

  • Explore about animals & birds
  • Notices finer details of common things
  • Recalls 4-5 objects seen at a Time
  • 3-5 missing parts of familiar picture
  • 5-6 objects with numbers
  • Compare objects based on col + shape + size
  • Seriates arrange 4 or 5 cards in sequence
  • Understands time related events in stories
  • Solves problem with reason
  • Ask questions & construct ideas
  • Count objects up to 20 to know its value
  • Forward & backward Counting up to 50
  • Writing numbers & their names up to 20
  • More or less/greater or smaller up to 20
  • Addition using concrete materials up to 20
  • Subtraction using concrete materials up to 20
  • Identifies 2D shapes
  • Making patterns with shapes
  • Grouping numbers (upto 20) in tens & ones
  • Read Story books with pics
  • Connect with story and express
  • Recites poems with right intonation
  • Says rhyming words with correct fluency
  • Discover favourite story
  • Writes Inventive spelling of words
  • Read text of story to understand
  • Listens repeated sound attentively
  • Identifies repeated sounds & words
  • Express by writing own names
  • Able to blend & segment syllables of words

Checklist of Math & Life Skills Development

Unlocking the full potential of your child by focusing on three distinct but interrelated domains: physical, socio-emotional and mental. The list below highlights how age appropriate subscription helps your child. At the age of 5, your child’s level of learning development should attain the following milestones:-

Spatial Understanding

Levels of Learning Development

Able to recognize, different and group basic colors, shapes and sizes (big red circle, small blue square etc)

How does Vikalp help

Children can touch, feel and understand varying shapes and sizes. While doing activities with concrete materials concepts are internalized.

Spetial Understanding

Number Sense

Levels of Learning Development

By this age, your child has likely mastered forward counting upto 50 and will now be able to understand ones and tens or place value concept and can make numbers upto 50.

How does Vikalp help

As numbers increases from single digit to double digit, the most important concept to be understood is place value concept. Grouping sticks in Tens and Ones helps children in understanding place value concept which is foundation of number system.

Number sense

Logical Thinking, Problem Solving

Levels of Learning Development

Problem solving skills are very nascent at this level though they start seeking explanation regarding how things happen.
Logical thinking is developed enough to understand the concept of symbolism where word or object stands for something else.

How does Vikalp help

In order to understand number system, one needs to understand concept of symbolism. 10 ones = Tens, 10 Tens = 100, 10 hundreds = 1000 and it goes on. This is best understood while grouping sticks in our activity box where 10 blue sticks can be replaced by one yellow stick.

Logical Thinking

Attention Span

Levels of Learning Development

Able to concentrate for 15 to 25 minutes

How does Vikalp help

Interesting activities with concrete objects and games on mobile makes the best use of the short attention span.

Attention Spam

Participation skills

Levels of Learning Development

They may engage in group activities, but their contribution remains at an individual level.
They will be communicating more with adults than their peers.

How does Vikalp help

Children bond with each other or parents better if they are constantly cheering for their playmates or parents. Activities are designed in way that it can be played together in teams. Children or parents have to guide each other along the play.

Participation Skill


Levels of Learning Development

Able to pronounce most sounds correctly.
Able to express themselves using simple sentences, talk aloud while doing an activity.
Actively seek answers from adults to their questions.

How does Vikalp help

Activities are designed such that children are supposed to work in team, ask questions and communicate to playmates. Hence enhancing child’s expressiveness.


Gross Motor Skills

Levels of Learning Development

Skills, like hopping, jumping, walking backward, and pedaling a tricycle on their own, should be common at this stage. They can walk up and down the stairs while carrying objects

How does Vikalp help

Vikalp teaching methodology also consists of conducting interesting activities with simple products, for instance, in an Attribute Set activity, children can race with each other in order to collect desired shapes placed at the end line.

Gross Motors

Fine Motor Skills

Levels of Learning Development

They should be able to grab a pencil correctly; able to write curvy letters and numbers with supervision.
Copy a simple geometric patterns using pencil and scale.
Grab things using a three-finger hold.

How does Vikalp help

Sticks, discs and cubes, all provide kids with opportunities to improve their grasp using three-finger hold. These help them in using pencils too, and write better.

fine moto

Why it is a speciality product

Evolved over the years

Methodology has gone through following five stages:-

  • Development
  • Validation
  • Productization
  • Usability Test
  • Refinement
  • Continuous Evolution

Child friendly

Edges are round. Material which can hurt is avoided. It’s not harmful even if a child tries to chew the product as soya-based ink of SATAKA INK has been used for printing.

Reduce:Reduce: Usage of plastic is minimal. Small amount of recyclable PP sheets has been used.

Recycle:Corrugated sheets & Soya-based ink is used so that materials can be recycled.


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Elevate Learning with UKG Online Classes

Unlock an unparalleled educational experience through our meticulously designed UKG online classes. Aligned with the National Curriculum Framework followed by leading Indian education boards like CBSE, CISCE, and NIOS, our program transforms early education for 4-year-olds.

Comprehensive UKG Online Classess

Experience the future of education with our dynamic online classes for UKG students. Led by skilled educators, these live interactive sessions adhere to well-structured UKG curriculum. Our UKG online class concept adapts seamlessly for both homeschooling and distance learning, empowering your 4 or 5 -year-old with experiential learning.

Interactive Learning Tools

Dive into a realm of enriched learning with our E-Learning Kindergarten Course. Departing from conventional video content, we integrate a diverse range of learning tools, fostering active engagement and true understanding. Our virtual classroom encourages students to explore concepts through hands-on play, complemented by Montessori materials such as Sandpaper Letters and Cursive Handwriting Boards, delivered to your doorstep.

Mobile App for Reinforced Learning

Learning extends beyond the classroom with our dedicated mobile app. Designed to reinforce acquired knowledge, the app offers interactive exercises and games, allowing children to retain what they’ve learned in their UKG online classes.

Bridging Virtual and Tangible Skills

As understanding blossoms, we introduce pen-and-paper activities. Students seamlessly apply their knowledge through oral and written exercises. Coursebooks, readers, and workbooks, integral to the learning journey, are conveniently delivered to your home.

Making Writing a pleasant task

This writing book attempts to make writing capital and small letters a pleasant task for little ones. Once children learn how to write capital and small letter, cursive letters are introduced. But children don’t start writing cursive letters directly on notebook. First children learn to make cursive strokes on the Cursive writing Board. This prepares children to write cursive letters.

Empowering Phonics-based Reading

A cornerstone of our program is our innovative phonics-based reading approach. Focusing on speech, pronunciation, and blending syllables, we make reading effortless and enjoyable, fostering confident and proficient readers.

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Be a part of our thriving community, with over 1.8 lakh students already benefiting from our online classes for UKG. Our home-schooling solution lays the groundwork for numeracy and literacy skills, setting a strong foundation for 4and 5 -year-olds. Witness the remarkable progress as children showcase significant improvements in learning and comprehension.

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The most unique feature of this Preschool for Upper Kindergarten is Phonics Based Reading. Students are able to blend and segment syllables of words. This helps in the speech and pronunciation of children.


This writing book attempts to make writing capital and small letters a pleasant task for little ones. Distance between the lines in this four-line book is .4 cm apart. This helps children to keep the letters within certain definite limits. Making cursive strokes on the Cursive writing Board prepares children to write cursive letters.


In addition to video content and books, a whole range of Learning aids are used in this Preschool for Upper Kindergarten. Learning materials and Montessori equipments like Number Cubes, Sandpaper letters are shipped to student’s homes. In this virtual online class, students play with learning aids and discover concepts. Corresponding games linked to each concept are there in the Learning app. After doing activities, children play with the corresponding game on the learning APP. This helps children in having lots of fun and retain what they have learned. Once understanding is developed, children apply it in the workbook and notebook shipped to their home. They do a lot of exercises on their books so that they learn to apply their knowledge.


Enrolment of over 1.8 lakh students makes it an excellent choice for home schooling or distance learning. This home-schooling online program lays strong foundation of numeracy and literacy in the early learning years of a 4-year-old child. The impact of Preschool for Upper Kindergarten has been phenomenal, with students showing significant improvement in their learning and understanding. Click to know more.