Sage to guide

Shift from ‘sage on the stage’ to ‘guide on the side’. Earlier content was delivered through lecture only. This one-way transmission of content from those who know to those who don’t know. This may not be needed as it available more easily and abundantly virtually through technology. Sage is now free to stand aside, and adopt more of a ‘guiding’ or ‘facilitating’ function

The shift has not minimized the role of the teacher-as-guide. It requires and facilitates numerous new and creative activities on the part of the teacher. In light of the shift, it behooves teachers to facilitate the various information-to-knowledge transformational process for student, to make space for the transformations to happen and to guide students in those pursuits.

Based on lean data study conducted by Acumen in January 2018

  • 43% teachers indicated their Interest in teaching – specifically Maths “Very Much Improved” post Vikalp
  • 38% teachers said Vikalp’s teaching method helped them outside school (includes those who said “a lot” or “sometimes”)
  • “It has become easier for the students to understand and take interest in this subject which some of them used to dislike earlier”.
  • Suddenly the students started enjoying Maths. Moreover, doing multiplications was confusing for some students but now they can easily do it with the help of the tools…
  • “…Bookish knowledge is actually difficult for the child and becomes boring whereas these experiences with the [Vilalp’s] tools and models help them to easily understand and recognize number…” – A teacher
  • Highly Satisfied teachers with Vikalp’s kits as well as the training given by Vikalp. 43% teachers indicated their Interest in teaching – specifically Maths “Very Much Improved” post Vikalp. Constant Input and support by Vikalp team was appreciated.
  • Ease of teaching Math and Ease of handling the class are the most important changes for the Teachers due to Vikalp.
  • Teachers expressed Vikalp has not led to much additional burden, but indicated Saturday/Fri sessions should be managed better.
  • “…I [Teacher] do have aspirations to excel in teaching and get promoted to the most higher level but you know what, after seeing all these [Vikalp’s] tools and models, these achievement needs, within me, become restless. In our time we didn’t have these tools and now I regret that if we had these chances I would have better understood my subjects…” – A teacher of Govt. School.
  • “…Vikalp trainers explained the concepts and the models very well. They even say that we are free to call them in case of any confusions with the tools…”
  • “…They have become more curious to learn new things and have started taking interest in Maths, though not as a subject but as games…”