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Development you can observe in your child:

Online School for Class 4 will help your child to attain and excel in age appropriate learning levels in following areas: –


Here’s what your child will get:

Your child will first experience the concept via PHYGITAL solution where best of physical and digital is combined. This includes:

3 Month Subscription

Physical products:
1 DIY Activity kit
Facilitators Guide for parents
Workbook for children
Activity schedule

Individualised attention during live online classes

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6 Month Subscription

Physical products:
2 DIY Activity kit
Facilitators Guide for parents
Workbook for children
Activity schedule

Individualised attention during live online classes

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9 Month Subscription

Physical Product :
3 DIY Activity kit
Facilitators Guide for parents
Workbook for children
Activity schedule

Individualised attention during live online classes

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Family & Friends

  • Relationships
  • Work & Play
  • Animals
  • Plants


  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Travel
  • Things we Make & Do
  • Compose and decompose shapes to make complex figures. jami
  • Able to estimation & measure length.
  • Fluency in solving real life problems based on number operations.
  • Learns different format of time (24 hours clock), date and calendar.
  • Visualization of objects from front, side, top and bottom of objects.
  • Understands concept of Money. Preparing bills.
  • Student able to estimate & verify capacity using standard units.
  • Understands equivalent, mixed & like and unlike fractions.
  • Able to Identify geometrical patterns based on symmetry.
  • Understands repeated addition and subtraction.
  • Learns how to measure and convert units.
  • Introduce the concept of Area (field) and Perimeter (fences)
  • Learns to represent data on bar graph, pie-charts, and pictograph.
  • Learns about centre, radius and diameter of circle.
  • Narrate his/her experiences and incidents.
  • Exchange his/her ideas with the peers.
  • Carry out a brief conversation involving seeking/giving information.
  • Enjoy reading a story, poem, a short write -up, a notice, poster etc
  • Take dictation of simple sentences.
  • Practise copy writing from the blackboard and textbook
  • Use common punctuation marks
  • Write a short description of a person, thing or place.
  • Prepare a notice, or write a message for someone
  • Write a short composition based on pictures 11. Take part in group activity, role play and dramatization

Why it is a speciality product

Evolved over the years

Methodology has gone through following five stages:-

  • Development
  • Validation
  • Productization
  • Usability Test
  • Refinement
  • Continuous Evolution

Child friendly

Edges are round. Material which can hurt is avoided. It’s not harmful even if a child tries to chew the product as soya-based ink of SATAKA INK has been used for printing.

Reduce:Reduce: Usage of plastic is minimal. Small amount of recyclable PP sheets has been used.

Recycle:Corrugated sheets & Soya-based ink is used so that materials can be recycled.


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Vikalp Online Classes for Class 4: Quality Education from Home

Our online classes for Class 4 students are thoughtfully designed in harmony with the principles of the New Education Policy 2020. Our primary goal is to ensure that young learners receive a top-notch education while staying connected through our online sessions for Class 4. These virtual lessons are meticulously crafted to align with the Class 4 syllabus, in accordance with the National Curriculum Framework followed by esteemed educational boards in India, including CBSE, CISCE, and NIOS. Our dedicated teachers conduct engaging live online classes for Class 4 students, following meticulously crafted Grade 4 curriculum lesson plans. This Distance Learning program for Grade 4 not only complies with Class 4 online guidelines but also serves as an exemplary choice for 9 or 10 -year-olds, offering them a fully experiential and well-suited approach to homeschooling.

Interactive Learning with a Variety of Tools

In our E-Learning Class 4 Course, designed to enhance the educational experience for CBSE Class 4 online students, we go beyond traditional online classes for class 4 CBSE. Instead, we provide a comprehensive learning environment that caters to the diverse needs of Class 4 online learners.

Within this program, students don’t rely solely on video content; instead, they actively engage with various innovative learning tools tailored for online classes for class 4. These tools, such as measuring kit, fraction set, place value cards, are thoughtfully integrated into the curriculum, ensuring that Class 4 online education becomes an interactive and enriching experience for young learners.

Application through Coursebooks, Readers, and Workbooks

As students’ progress in their Class 4 online education journey, they gradually transition to a balanced approach, combining online classes with traditional pen-and-paper learning experiences. This approach allows them to apply their knowledge effectively.

Students are encouraged to apply their online knowledge through a variety of oral and written exercises thoughtfully integrated into coursebooks, readers, and workbooks provided to them at home. These materials ensure that CBSE Class 4 online students develop a well-rounded foundation by combining the benefits of online classes with traditional learning methods.

Enhanced Reading and Comprehension

A standout feature of our E-Learning online classes for class 4 is our focus on enhanced reading and comprehension skills. Within the context of online study for Class 4, we emphasize reading comprehension, vocabulary building, and critical thinking. Whole range of digital resources like animation and multimedia content are used to make learning fun and easy. Through this approach to online study for Class 4, students significantly enhance their reading skills, which are essential for academic success and beyond.